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Ann S.

We recently met with Larry Golfin to discuss Long Term Care insurance. Larry was sincerely interested in helping us clarify our needs and in suggesting an appropriate plan to meet them. He presented multiple options and was intent on guiding us toward what's best for us - not necessarily what's most costly. He is also very knowledgeable of insurance plans, insurers, state law and the realities of long term care. We sincerely appreciate having met with him, and believe anyone can benefit from his knowledge, expertise and willingness to help. Thank you, Larry.

David Lehman

Larry, Thank you again for your help in getting us a tax credit for New York State. It was well appreciated. Regards, Dave

Glenn Lacey

I highly recommend Larry Golfin to those who are looking for Long Term Care Insurance. My experiences with Larry has been, and continue to be, rewarding. He is thurough in his research, prompt in his responces, and has his customer's needs as his priority. Thank you Larry for being so helpfull throughout the years.

Lou and Pat Morando

We obtained LTC insurance from Larry back in 2001 and have not regretted the investment. While we are both retired now and have not had to utilize the coverage it remains a comforting factor for both of us as we age. Thanks Larry

Breina I. Schain

I feel compelled to place this comment on Larry Golfin's Web Site. Getting Long Term care was very important to me and I delayed it when I was younger. However, as time went on I realized how vital it is to prepare for my later years. It is now harder to obtain due to high medical costs. But Larry made it a smooth process for me and kindly educated me about a suitable policy and tailored it for my needs. It was gratifying for me to be accepted by a great company and Larry promptly answered all my calls and even came to my house to deliver the approved policy in person. I would recommend Mr. Golfin to anyone who is interested in Long Term Care. In fact, I would take it a step further and say that everyone should investigate Long Term Care and decide if it will serve them in an appropriate manner. Mr. Golfin came through for me and said I could call him anytime in the future if I need him.

Peter Arakas

My wife and I bought long term care policies through Larry a couple of months ago. For Larry, the relationship did not end when we paid our premium - he contacted us today to tell us that the insurance company did not change the billing schedule as we had requested. He spent his time straigtening the issue out for us (and saving us money). He is a true professional in his commitment to his clients interests.

Martha Sturgis

In anticipating a move to a different state, I started to review my Long Term Insurance contract and emailed Larry a series of questions. He answered promptly, cheerfully and with just the information I needed. I have had my contract for almost 10 years and am very grateful to have an agent who has been available to me the whole time. I know he will be when I move.

Peter Arakas

Larry provided excellent information about long term care insurance without pressure or scare tactics. He helped us design a policy that met our specific needs, and found an insurer that met our requirements. Larry was able to answer any and all questions, and made the application process as simple as possible.

David Lehman

I bought long-term care insurance from Larry a couple of years ago. He has been working to obtain the same coverage for my wife. We have been very satisfied with his efforts and will recommend him to others.

Jeffrey H. Kaimowitz

My wife and I bought long-term care insurance form Larry a number of years ago. He has always been helpful and prompt in answering any questions we have, and we have been very satified with the service he provides.

Cynthia Elder

Larry was recommended by a co-worker & I found him very knowledgeable, patient & highly responsive to my numerous inquiries. I look forward to having a long term partnership with Larry & referring him to others. Thank you.

Gail Mauthe

I have worked with Larry for many years. I have always felt that he has my best interests in mind. Recently, I needed advice on how to reduce the cost of my Long Term Care Insurance and he made sure I was covered but wasn't paying for coverage I didn't need. Thanks, Larry!

Rosanne Sembler

I would just like to share how incredibly comprehensive & competent Larry Golfin is at imparting an amazing array of facts & figures regarding Long Term Care Insurance & how truly important it is to have. I've been to many financial talks thru' the years & the 1 thing they all emphasize is how Americans insure their homes, their cars, their personal belongings & even their pets, but when it comes to the biggest hit they'll ever take - the savings they've amassed over a lifetime of hard work & 'putting away for the future,' many of us simply 'play the odds' & hope for the best. I have a dear friend who did this & due to her husband's catastrophic & very long illness, they've quite frankly lost everything! So, I am grateful to have Larry in my life helping me to 'insure' that the assets of my husband & myself are duly protected. Thank you Larry & keep up the great work!

Martha Sturgis

I bought LTC insurance from Larry a number of years ago; and although I have not had to use it so far, I am very grateful to have purchased it. It makes me feel more secure. I also feel very comfortable working with Larry. Before speaking with Larry I attended the CT presentation of the Partnership CT has with LTC providers. The presenter and information passed out also covered the different types of LTC coverage. After that, I looked around. Larry's name was given to me by a friend and I contacted Larry. He came to my home, reviewed my situation and gave me all the information I needed to make a good choice for myself. For example, I found I did not need to purchase the most expensive LTC in order to meet my needs in coverage.

Mark Greenstein

Larry has been as responsive as I can ask for. As a prospect, Larry treated me with clarity on every concern I had. As a (now) client, I know he's looking out for me should there be changes. I'm impressed that he keeps up with the industry so well.

Robert Allen

I have know Larry Golfin for over 10 Years. He is extremely knowledgeable in LTC Insurance. He has help me and my family formulate a LTC program, in regard to my needs and not his. I'm sure Larry could have sold me any policy, but with his professional wisdom, understanding my needs and financial situation, he developed a plan that is perfect for me. I have several consultants in my financial and Insurance life. All of them, including Larry Golfin, are of high integrity, honesty, caring and extremely capable and responsible professionals. They are all golden eggs and are there for me anytime. Believe me, having a group of professional, like Larry Golfin, are hard to come by. I would recommend Larry Golfin, to my friends and family, for any needed LTC Insurance needs. (which I have in the past). In this wild financial and political time in our country, having a LTC Insurance policy is paramount, not just my life, but certainly every American that understands our current po

Albert D. Manganelli, EA,CPA,CGMa

I have known Larry Golfin for many years. When I started to talk with my clients about long term health care issues, I immediately thought of Larry. He was great to work with, knew the subject very well, and worked well with my clients after I introduced them to him. As a CPA I have the opportunity to talk to many of my clients and I look forward to working with him again. Prior to working with my clients I used Larry to advise me and my sister on our long term health care needs. I believe Larry found the best and most affordable policies for us and we are both very pleased with him and the company he represents. Thank you Larry for helping to protect our lives. I would recommend Larry and his company to anyone and I usually do.



David Minnick

I first made contact with Larry Golfin several years ago when I was giving thought to LTC insurance. He walked me through the benefits of several different plans and then arranged for coverage with a major insurance carrier at a very afforable cost. Five years later, when I needed copies of some documentation, not only did Larry remember me, he answered my email within a half hour and got the documentation from the insurance carrier mailed directly to me within one week. I have found Larry to be a complete professional in all my interactions with him.
We recently met with Larry Golfin to discuss Long Term Care insurance. Larry was sincerely interested in helping us clarify our needs and in suggesting an appropriate plan to meet them. He presente… Read More

Ann S.

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